March 23, 2017


“I am the clinical manager of the dialysis unit and just wanted to take a minute and make you aware of how happy I was with the service that you provided to my unit. I am a new manager and am always pleased when someone takes a minute to acknowledge one of my employees on a job well done. To that end I wanted to acknowledge Eddie, Cameron, and Jared for their courtesy and professionalism in working with my staff.”

Mike Simpson
Clinical Manager, Dialysis
Atlantic City, NJ

Please thank your Team for doing an excellent job! The worst pieces of equipment were the COWs (computers on wheels).  They look amazing and the staff is so appreciative of them being cleaned. This was a great experience and we really appreciate it!

Lisa Glickstein
Nurse Educator
Brick, NJ

“I have been using NEXClean for approximately 3 years. The team is efficient and professional. Their company is large enough to get the job done, but small enough to understand each manager’s challenges, and they strive to exceed their expectations. I highly recommend NEXClean to our Health Care ES group, as well as our Food partners. NEXClean can streamline some of our difficult cleaning tasks, so that we can utilize labor to focus on our patient care.”

Lisa Ford
Sodexo District Manager

“Not only does NEXClean deep clean equipment inside our Dialysis Centers and Surgery Center, but we also use them various times throughout the year for pressure washing and cleaning of the exterior of our buildings. Their crews do a great job and their all-inclusive service makes my life easier.”

Mike Reynolds
Director of Environmental Services
Orlando, FL

“I originally brought NEXClean into my facility to deep clean rolling stock. As time went on, I would find more applications for them, such as scrub sinks and elevator tracks.  They have cleaned equipment in every department of the hospital, and their crews are always very professional.”

Chris Platt
Director of Environmental Services
Pennington, NJ